Mistletoe Magic delivers Christmas to Eastern Ontario

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Mistletoe Magic delivers Christmas to Eastern Ontario

Mistletoe Magic delivers Christmas to Eastern Ontario

An entertainment editorial.

With temperatures holding above freezing and a void of ice and snow, it may not look like the December on the outside, but all the traditional trimmings of December are alive and well inside Morrisburg's Upper Canada Playhouse.

The Playhouse is closing out the 2017 season with Mistletoe Magic.

Billed as 'the sounds of the season', don't go expecting just another yuletide sing-along. The show delivers a unique combination of theatre and music that takes the audience on a wondrous journey from Rudolph to Frozen...with visits to a bevy of musical destinations in-between. It's a blend of memories, melodies, mayhem and merriment, from some good (and the occasional bad) jokes, performed by a cast of characters and some very special guests.

Above all, Mistletoe Magic delivers with the music. Leisa Way and The Wayward Wind Band own a variety of musical talent, offering up some exceptional and entertaining instrumentals, world-class harmonies...and a version of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing that could have been pulled directly from God's own songbook.

It's the kind of show that makes you look at your watch when you get back to the parking lot and wonder how two-and-a-half hours could have went by so quickly.


Joe Martelle

Editor, Prescott Journal